We want everyone to enjoy the fun of 3D printing,
Let your ideas realized and shared , in a simple and tangible way.
However, most 3D printers on the market are difficult to use, unreliable and expensive. 3D printers tend to be ever more complicated, bulky and confusing. Therefore we made a printer for you and ourselves, the Cetus, a minimalist printer that delivers the joy of creating and building ideas.


As a truly essential system, the body is made of aluminum extrusions,and the machine is simplified into only six modules

3 x axis modules (IKO linear bearings)

Small Size
but a BIG Printing
With a total weight of 3.2 kg and machine dimensions of
260x260x280mm/10.2"x10.2"x10.7" Cetus is highly portable so you can take your creativity anywhere!

Precise and fine quality prints without hassle

Quality Linear Rails

Self-lubricated | Maintenance Free | High Precision | Long Lifespan | Quiet

3 Nozzle Options with Preset Profiles

NO Leveling Necessary for Users

The build plate is a 3mm aluminum plate, which ensures a perfectly flat build surface. It is fixed onto the linear guide directly, and there are no moving parts between the slider and the build plate. This ensures that the build surface is flat and parallel along the X-axis. The Y-axis is carefully calibrated in the factory, so users can start printing right out of the box, and there is no need to level the machine before getting to work!

Novel Build Surface

A special print bed surface coating is applied to guarantee a perfect print every time.

The surface sticks to PLA and has a high tolerance for nozzle height error.

Thanks to this surface coating, removing your prints from the surface is surprisingly easy and clean.

The coating itself is very durable and could last for a long time.

Easy To Remove
Sticky to PLA & Other Materials
Tolerant to Nozzle Height Error

Software: Best of Both Worlds

The dedicated Cetus 3D-printing software features a straightforward interface, easy breakaway Smart Support, photo to lithopane, custom print material, and more! The software is also supported by Windows, Mac, and iOS. Furthermore, user can use third party slicing softwares such Simplify3D, Cura, Slic3r and etc. So that advanced user can fine tune their print to get the best quality. Gcode compatibility also means you can mod the machine to do things like laser engraving or other CNC type functions.

Two build volume options, the Cetus standard version is potentially upgradable to extended version

The Cetus 3D printer is being improve quickly by us and our community
more mod and upgrades are on the way!

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